Plastic Concrete Forms

Manufacturing and Design

Since 1995, The Plastiform Company has manufactured and sold only one product - reusable plastic concrete forms for flatwork and slabs. The concrete forms are used daily by hundreds of contractors and government crews throughout the world. And now all of our parts are made in the USA nearby our Seattle location.

Our customers all see different benefits in using plastic form boards but most will agree the main benefit is that it is reusable. Many users are still forming with plastic form boards they purchased over 11 years ago

Other benefits users appreciate include plastic's flexibility, light weight and smooth surface that is easy to clean. Most all of our customers also realize reduced labor costs as their setup, teardown and cleanup is quicker and easier.

New and Improved for 2007

Our new form slot design and new clamp base allow the clamp to easily slide under the stake before clamping. And our Connector Rods make for longer and stronger end-to-end connection.

New for 2008

Superbend forms are thinner and can form tighter bend radiuses down to 10 inches. Attach to stakes with screws or nails and use with our other form boards to complete your last few feet of forming.

New for 2009

12-Inch Plastic Form Boards with two slots to help secure a firm setup can be used for curb and gutter applications, footings, slabs or stacked with our other form boards to form nearly any even height between 12 and 36 inches.

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